Message from the Administrator

Thank you for your interest in Heritage Green Nursing Home, a not for profit, 167 bed long-term care facility in Upper Stoney Creek, providing a quality lifestyle in a homelike environment.

While we cannot fully know your personal situation, if you are looking at our website, we do understand some of what you must be feeling at this time. Making the decision to admit a loved one to a long-term care facility can be a wrenching experience and is rarely a welcome choice, no matter how necessary. Some families are immediately relieved; they tell us the safety and security provided in the Home gives them much-needed peace of mind. Others tell us of the many other emotions-including grief, and guilt- that they feel as they make the transition and learn to trust the “stranger” now responsible for their loved one’s care. Everyone adjusts in their own way.

We want you to know that if you choose our home for your loved one, we are here to support you in your decision, and will be relying on you to be care partners with our staff-partners who will participate fully in making decisions in the best interest of your loved one. The well-being of your loved one depends upon the involvement of all members of the care team, including family and friends.

You are bound to have many questions as you begin this journey. Please feel free to contact any members of our Care Team if you have questions or need clarification on any issue.

We also urge you to become familiar with our “Mission, Vision and Values” statement and our “Heritage Green Nursing Home’s Commitment to our Residents”.

Our “Commitment” serves as the foundation for our facility’s philosophy of care, in concert with the resources provided to us by the Ministry of Health. We should clarify that those resources allow for long-term care facilities to render supportive and supervised care, not one-on-one care except in exceptional circumstances.

Thank you again for your interest and confidence in us. If you so decide, we look forward to serving your loved one with care and compassion. And please remember: our doors are always open.


Scott Kozachenko, Administrator